Can I bring a Bag/Backpack?2022-09-08T16:33:43-04:00

No Backpacks allowed into the festival. We reserve the right to inspect bags being brought inside the festival.

Where is the festival located?2022-09-08T16:33:56-04:00

All over Key West. Events are held at many establishments including, restaurants, hotels, and bars.

Where is the Main Tasting Event?2022-09-08T16:34:14-04:00

The main tasting event is located at 1405 Duval Street, on South Beach, in front of Southernmost Beach Café.

How much are tickets?2022-09-08T16:34:32-04:00

Tickets are $40. You can also purchase VIP tickets for $100 per person.   Purchase Tickets Now

What is the difference in General Admission versus VIP?2022-09-08T16:34:48-04:00

VIP tickets cost $100 and with the ticket, you will receive entrance at 3 pm versus 5 pm as well as a BrewFest T-shirt and passed appetizers.

What is included in General Admission?2022-09-08T16:35:02-04:00

Unlimited tastes of beer at the festival.

How can I get driving directions?2022-09-08T16:35:31-04:00

Please use the address 1405 Duval Street as your final destination. There is meter parking along South and Duval Streets as well as Simonton and United. We strongly recommend walking, biking or taking a taxi.

Do you sell a Designated Driver Ticket?2022-09-08T16:35:44-04:00

Yes. The ticket is $25 and includes unlimited water, soda, or tea and one complimentary meal. Purchase a Designated Driver Ticket

Will there be any food and non-alcholic beverages available?2022-09-08T16:36:05-04:00

Yes! Enjoy our special select menu served just for our BrewFest patrons. You may also order other drinks such as water, soda and tea.

What form of payments do you accept?2022-09-08T16:36:20-04:00

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and Cash.  Purchase your tickets online.

Where can I buy my ticket?2022-09-08T16:36:35-04:00

Click here to buy your ticket online or visit our hospitality suite Saturday, September 4th at the Southernmost Beach Resort.

Are children permitted?2022-09-08T16:36:51-04:00

No one under 21 will be allowed on the beach including those accompanied by an adult.

Are pets permitted?2022-09-08T16:37:05-04:00


Should I drive or take public transportation?2022-09-08T16:37:23-04:00

We recommend you take public transportation as parking is limited.

Who puts on Key West BrewFest?2022-09-08T16:37:45-04:00

Key West BrewFest is put on each year by the Key West Sunrise Rotary and a committee from the Southernmost Beach Resort. It is a non-profit event to raise money for the Key West Sunrise Rotary.

Can I smoke on the beach?2022-09-08T16:38:10-04:00

Yes, but please refrain from throwing your cigarette butts on our beach.

Can I leave and come back?2022-09-08T16:38:45-04:00

No, once you leave, you will not be permitted to come back inside. We do have security guarding all entry points.

  • This is a Rain or Shine Event and there will be no refunds.
  • Intoxicated guests will be asked to leave and escorted off property by Key West Police.
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